George Walker


"There is a stamp of authority, individuality, and personality that makes his music compelling listening."
(Stereophile, November 1997)

"A Virtuoso Pianist"
(Piano and Keyboard Magazine, Nov./Dec. 1997)


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Summit Records:

The Music of George Walker 

Tangents for Chamber Orchestra, Lilacs for Voice and Orchestra, Wind Set for Woodwind Quintet, Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 2, String Quartet No. 2


Albany Records:

George Walker, Great American Orchestral Works - Troy 1061

Address For Orchestra, Overture: In Praise of Folly, Sinfonia No 1 & 3, Hoopla (A Touch of Glee)

George Walker, Great American Orchestral Works, Vol. 2

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, Sinfonia No. 2 for Orchestra, Foils for Orchestra, Pageant and Proclamation

George Walker, Great American Orchestral Works, Vol. 3

Icarus in Orbit, Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Abu for Narrators and Chamber Ensemble, Dialogus for Cello and Orchestra, Da Camera for Piano Trio, Harp, Celesta, String Orchestra and Percussion

George Walker: Great American Orchestral Works, Vol. 4

Sinfonia No. 4 (Strands), Antifonys for String Orchestra, Lilacs for Voice and Orchestra, Movement for Cello and Orchestra

George Walker, Great American Chamber Works - Troy1082

String Quartet No. 1, String Quartet No. 2, Piano Sonata No. 4, Take, O Take Those Lips Away, Lament, And Wilt Thou Leave Me Thus, Song Without Words

George Walker: Composer and Performer

Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 2, Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 5 in E Flat Major, Op. 73 (Emperor)

George Walker: Mass

Mass, Psalm 117, Psalm 96, Johannes Brahms Concerto for Piano No. 2 in B Flat Major, Op. 83

George Walker, 60th Anniversary Retrospective - Troy 880

George Walker: Lyric for Strings, Perimeters for Clarinet and Piano, Canvas for Wind Ensemble, Voices and Chorus
Franz Liszt: Piano Sonata in B Minor, George Walker - Piano

"A magnificent performance of the Liszt Piano Sonata". -

George Walker: Composer, Pianist - Troy 697

Songs, Modus for Chamber Ensemble, Prayer, Improvisation on St. Theodulph, Spires
Liszt: Sonetto del Petraca 104, Valse Oubliée no. 1 
Chopin: Mazurka in C, op. 33, no2, Mazurka in D flat, op. 30, no.3, Mazurka in f minor, op. 63, no. 2, Etude in G flat, op. 10, no. 5, Scherzo in E, op.54

George Walker in Concert - Troy 523

Plays Schumann, Debussy, Walker, Rachmaninoff, Chopin

George Walker American Virtuoso - Troy 411

Plays Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, Chopin, Debussy and Liszt

George Walker, Edwin London and the Cleveland Chamber Symphony; Gregory Walker, Violin

Music of George Walker:
Serenata for Chamber Orchestra, Lyric for Strings, Poeme for Violin and Orchestra, Orpheus for Chamber Orchestra, Folk Songs for Orchestra

George Walker, Winner of the Pulitzer In Music - Troy 252

Plays Bach, Schumann, Chopin and Poulenc

George Walker - Troy 154

Music of George Walker:
Piano Sonata no. 2, Sonata for Cello and Piano, Poem for Soprano and Chamber Ensemble, Sonata for Violin and Piano, no. 1, Music for Brass (Sacred and Profane), Gregory Walker, violin; Ian Walker, narrator

George Walker: A Portrait - Troy 136

Music of George Walker:
Five Fancies for Clarinet and Piano Four Hands, Antifonys for Chamber Orchestra, An Eastman Overture, Variations for Orchestra, Cantata for Soprano, Tenor, Boys Choir and Chamber Orchestra, Three Pieces For Organ

George Walker in Recital, George Walker, Piano - Troy 117

Piano music of Scarlatti, Beethoven, Schubert, George Walker, Chopin and Brahms



The Music of George Walker, Phyllis Bryn-Julson, soprano. George Walker, Piano - CD719

Piano Sonata no. 2, Spatials for Piano, Spektra for Piano, Sonata for Violin and Piano, no. 1, Prelude and Caprice for Piano, Songs, Variations for Piano



Our American Roots: Gershwin, Barber, Walker, Copland

Cello Sonata



Frederick Moyer, Pianist - GM 2016 CD

George Walker, Piano Sonata, no. 4



American Trombone Concertos - CD 628

George Walker, Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra

"Hall of Fame Performance" - Fanfare Magazine



Time Pieces - The North Texas Wind Symphony, K11122 

George Walker - Canvas



Black Composers Series - Detroit Symphony Orchestra

George Walker - Piano Concerto