George Walker

Sonata for Violin and Piano, no. 1

    This work was composed in Paris in 1958 on a Fulbright Fellowship and directly predates his first major orchestral work, the Address for Orchestra, designated by the American Symphony Orchestral League as "a neglected American classic."  The Violin and Piano Sonata is in one movement.  An introduction leads into a fugal allegro.  A brief piano interlude signals the beginning of the second section that is highly rhythmic and virtuosic.  It concludes with a cadence prolonged by a sustained "D#" in the violin part.  The next section, marked "Andante, senza misura" suggests a recitative punctuated by laconic interjections in the piano part.  The final section, marked "Molto adagio," progresses to a re-statement of the lyrical material from the beginning of the sonata.